5 years

Today, he realized that he's been sober for 6 weeks. He realized that this is the longest time span that he has been sober for in 5 years. Can you imagine what it's like to be controlled by something for over 5 years? I mean, it's a daily battle for him to stay sober right … Continue reading 5 years



So as any married person can tell you, there are good days and there are bad. My husband and I have been experiencing a lot of bad days lately. I don't know why. But he's been clean for pretty much a whole month already. And I am starting to wonder if the problem isn't with … Continue reading Marriage


So, here's an update on how the Naltrexone shot is doing. It certainly is fulfilling its job. It won't allow my husband to get even a buzz from alcohol. The only problem with it: it takes the enjoyment out of absolutely EVERYTHING. Life has been crazy busy and hectic lately. We went to church today, … Continue reading Update.