The Morning After

So. It’s the morning after. Pretty normal by far. I was supposed to wake up super early and go to work early, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I snuggled up to him and slept until 7 am.

Of course, 7 am is like sleeping way in for me so this morning has been frantic to get dressed and out the door. But you know what he said to me before I left?

It wasn’t “have a good day” or any of those sweet things. No. Last night when he got the drug, he split it in half and gave me one-half for safe keeping. So naturally the first words out of his mouth this morning were “where is my drug?”

On the plus side, when I told him that he can’t have it until after work so that he won’t be high at work and get fired, he didn’t argue.

But what really stinks is that today is our anniversary. And I doubt he has anything planned. His plan is to get high. It’ll make for an awesome anniversary for him. Make for another miserable day for me…


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