What an outcry.

The following are just some things that people say that piss me off:

You need to forgive him.

Really? Is that your professional opinion Mr. IDon’tRememberAskingYouForYourOpinion.  What would you know about forgiveness and living with this shit day in and day out?

I think you need to leave him.

Really? You just think? Listen, that’s way easier said than done. Once you get to be in my shoes, please tell yourself the same thing. Ok?

Why don’t you just pray about it? God can heal all wounds.

Ok. Great. Why don’t you do that for me? Because I’ve been on my knees every single day begging God to give us freedom from this addiction. I guess a saintlier person needs to pray about it for the request to be heard.

It’s just a phase. He’ll grow out of it.

Oh, I am so glad that you know all about the situation. I am so glad that this is just a phase and one day he can wake up and just snap out of his addiction. I am so glad that there are no drug addicts past the age of 30.

Addiction is not a disease so why are  you treating it like one?

Oh, please tell me your credentials as well. I’d love to know what makes you so qualified to tell me if addiction is a disease or not. And because without psychotherapy, my husband is as good as dead.


For anyone else who has any other “words of wisdom” unless you’ve been in my shoes, or are in my shoes, please have the common decency to shut up and not say anything about something you do not understand.


2 thoughts on “What an outcry.

  1. I totally agree with everything except one: addiction is a disease. My son was perfect, smart, loving, deeply sensitive, and better than normal. Then, he got poisoned. Opioids. I see addiction as the effects of poisoning. He didn’t catch something, wasn’t born with an addict’s brain, didn’t grow up bad, wasn’t fatally immoral and unable to rein in his compulsion. He was poisoned by none-the-less than a country doc for a stupid toe infection. I so wish that doc had said, “Ma’am, your son is in a lot of pain from the procedure, so I’m going to prescribe him some heroin.” Instead he said, “some Vicodin.” And then, after years of doctor prescriptions guess what our wonderful medical profession offers poisoning victims? Yup, you guessed it. More heroin. They just changed the name to Methadone, Suboxone, and the like. Seems they don’t want to give up all the money they made off of making him addicted so they decided to get him addicted to something that cost even more, requires humiliation meetings, and living close to lots of other addicts. (Sorry for the rant, but the whole medical profession, insurance companies, rehabs, and pharmaceutical companies should experience the torture they deal out for the sake of a buck.) And, please keep loving your addict; that is exactly what he needs. God bless, Jane


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