So, here’s an update on how the Naltrexone shot is doing. It certainly is fulfilling its job. It won’t allow my husband to get even a buzz from alcohol.

The only problem with it: it takes the enjoyment out of absolutely EVERYTHING.

Life has been crazy busy and hectic lately. We went to church today, and that’s normally something that both he and I are into. But today, he just couldn’t get any enjoyment out of the word of the Lord. I just miss the way he used to be (when he wasn’t high).

I miss him kissing me randomly or us having sex when the mood strikes him.
I miss him getting super excited over some dumb thing he read on the internet.

What I really miss is the fact that he seems to not get much fun out of anything. And that especially makes me sad for him.

Where he got the shot, a lump has formed and there is some swelling around it. But the clinic staff told us that was an expected side effect.

He’s tried literally everything he can think of to get this drug out of his body as soon as possible. And I really don’t blame him. I want my husband back. The one who is childish at times, but can also be serious.

Let me reiterate, I do NOT miss his drug use. It’s nice to have some extra money these days. But, it’s kinda coming at a high price: his happiness in ALL things. He’s moody and depressed, and that’s not the kind of guy that I married.


I’ve been working nonstop lately because the hospital is short-staffed, as always. However, they are throwing out bonuses for extra shifts like crazy, so I’ve been picking up the hours and the bonuses when possible. Hence why I haven’t been able to really keep you all updated.

Exhaustion is setting in. I shall post again soon.


Thanks for your continued support and for reading!


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