Two weeks later…

The naltrexone is doing much better in his system. I honestly think they dosed him way too much with the shot. Next time we go, he will ask and see if there is a lower dose or a pill form he can take. It doesn’t take away his cravings, but it helps with not taking any drugs. He has been totally clean for 3 weeks now. You guys, that is huge! Our life is getting to be so much better, simply because we don’t fight as much about money or about his drug issue. He isn’t drinking alcohol either because the naltrexone works on the alcohol as well, so basically, all that is left is my husband. I like it. I like it a lot. I really hope there is a lower dose or pill form that he can take of the naltrexone because I believe that will keep him motivated to stay clean and work on his issues in psychotherapy. Which is going really well, by the way. He and his psychologist are getting along really well and seem to be bonding. Life is getting much much better. Simply because we fought for him to get help. He wanted to get help. I believe that’s a big key word there. He wanted it for himself. He is willing to fight for his sobriety.

In other news, I got a new job. Much more stressful, much more work, but better pay and opportunities to move up in the company. Nursing is a very versatile field. I promise, no one will ever find themselves without a job if they go into the nursing field. (And if you do and live in New York or wish to move to New York, e-mail me and I’ll hire you.)

As for our future plans, we are looking at buying a house in the suburbs soon. Moving out of the main city and getting life to quiet down a little will be nice. I am just so happy that this nightmare seems to be ending. It seems to be coming to a plateau.

In short, I am happy.


Until next time, my dear readers.



3 thoughts on “Two weeks later…

  1. Suboxone might work from *him*, N.
    It’s not a “shot” or an “implant”. Comes in 2mg strips and 8mg ones. (bup & nal combined.)
    Of course, I know every person is different when it comes to detox from heroin. I assume it is smack, naloxone can be used for alcohol addiction, however it is rare.

    I wish you, and *him* the best of luck, N. There is a loooong rock road ahead of you both.
    ~smiles~ One step at a time… yeh? 🙂


      1. I’m so glad to hear that N. WooHoo! ~does happy dance for you both~

        You are most welcome N. I’ve been there myself. (Clean about 14-15 years, give or take. Memory gets fuzzy when you spend nearly a decade using.)
        I’m always curious to see how others are handling their addictions. The internet brings all us nutcases *together*. ~chuckles~

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