Last Night

So, as yesterday was payday, of course, he gets something as a pick me up. As per usual, we had an agreement that he'd take a quarter, give me the rest for safekeeping. Can you all see where this is headed? Anyways, we went out to date night last night and went to watch Wonder … Continue reading Last Night


Mental Health Days

We all need them. For the past two days, I've really needed it. Yesterday, I woke up and was literally paralyzed with depression and anxiety. I could not get myself out of bed. I contemplated everything I had to do that day, and I was overcome by sheer panic. So, I did the only thing … Continue reading Mental Health Days


There is a huge outcry about addiction. But what resources are there to actually help someone stop? I am so frustrated with insurance and stupid rules. While this psychologist is great for counseling, he can't prescribe anything to help with cravings, so we have to hop around and call literally 700 different psychiatrists who are … Continue reading Frustrations